Lessons Learnt in Nature

Trekking in nature gives us time to find ourselves again. In order to heal from the loss of a close family member – nature provided the perfect setting to take some time out, process and collect my thoughts. The wild weekend (3 day trek) in the mountains aided me to be present and appreciate the daily blessings.

I would like to share 9 lessons I learnt along the way which I have been able to apply to my urban life to feel rejuvenated and in control.

1. It’s all about the journey.
The journey I remember most is when I have been challenged to step outside my comfort zone and dig deep to overcome my fears – realizing my inner Lessons Learnt in Naturestrengths. The steep rock scramble represented one such moment but the views of crystal blue glacier lakes, white glaciers and mountains framing all views was so WORTH it!

2. Plan and prepare your trip.
For work and life events we plan and prepare each day. If you use the same preparation techniques – to plan and prepare for your adventure it will be much more fun. This gives us time to be present and enjoy time in nature.

3. Chin Up. Look around and remember to take in the view. The diversity of this trek provided special moments which I could have easily missed if I had been staring into my smart phone. At one stage – we walked through alpine meadows filled with the sweet aroma of wild flowers. The valley was filled with red, violet and white flowers. Marmots wandered freely across the meadows seeking food for winter storage.

West Women Treks4. Be present. Trekking gives me time to think, process and collect your thoughts. One day we sat on the side of the glacial lake, swimming intermittently, watching the colours of the glacier, mountains, and sky change from morning to evening. It was breath taking!

5. Mental toughness to achieve.
Mental toughness is essential to overcoming challenges along the trek, but is no different to your daily business. Hiking 10 kilometres (8km up hill) with a 20kg pack was an arduous task – my muscles in my legs and shoulders burned, but small stops to rehydrate provided relief. The reward as we reached our campsite consisted of clean clothes, dinner and yoga under the stars.

6. Community and nature makes us happy. Community is critical to our success in both work and play. Community assists and supports us with the healing stages. Engagement is even greater in nature when distractions are removed.

7. Expect the Unexpected in Nature. Nature is filled with surprises you should always expect the unexpected. Think through various scenarios, plan and prepare for obstacles to arise. I think through various scenarios to identify action steps I can take in case it occurs. This in many ways reflects the steps you have built into your business to ensure you stay on track.

8. Never, Never, Never Give Up. Set your goal and stick with it. Regardless of whether we fail or succeed – we learn valuable lessons about yourself.

9. Astronaut freeze dried ice-cream sandwiches are awesome! Best way to finish a day!

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the everyday – make a date with a friend to commit to a hike or trek in nature wherever that may be. Leave the concrete behind, step off the curb and feel the dirt beneath your feet. Go on, get out and find yourself again in nature – I know you want to!

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